Brilliant Posts That Every Budding Freelancer Should Read!

So with my latest foray into the world of freelance development I’ve been reading up a lot of different articles on how to improve myself as a freelancer and acquire more clients and thus become more successful! Whilst I’ve read a few brilliant articles(and some not so brilliant), I’ve found that what seems to be missing is a list of brilliant articles that I feel every budding freelancer (like myself) should read.

So what I thought I would do because I’m so kind (read: looking to gain exposure) is build an incredible list of posts that I’ve thought have helped me the most and thus the posts that I feel would be most beneficial to other budding freelancers.

So to begin:

Acquiring New Clients

  1. How to Land More Clients With Persuasive Fees
  2. Stop Freelancing
  3. How to guarantee more clients for your freelance business
  4. How to avoid problem clients
  5. Hacking Elance -The Step by Step Guide to How I Made $23,700 in 4 Weeks

General Freelance Articles

  1.  How to become a freelance web developer
  2. 6 Not-So-Obvious Mistakes Freelance Web Developers Make
  3. 10 Resources to Help you become more attractive in the web design community
  4. How to become a successful freelance web developer (and not kill your career)
  5. Making the Leap to Freelancing

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